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Airway Heights, WA

Alpine Imports | Airway Heights, WA

Import Used Cars to Your Dealership with Confidence

Import Used Cars to Your Dealership with Confidence

Sales Consulting and Vehicle Sourcing from Canada with:

  • All Documentation Provided
  • Transport Service
  • KPH/MPH Conversion
  • US Title Provided

Additional Services:

  • US Transportation Services
  • Vehicle Reconditioning/Repair
  • More below
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What We Do

The most trusted vehicle import service, start to finish.

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We get vehicles cheaper

Our team checks the import eligibility of all makes and models, and delivers at the lowest cost to you.

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We do all the paperwork

There will be no stress on your end. We handle all of the details to get cars on your lot, ready to sell.

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We are faster

Vehicles must be held for 30 days after import, but we get vehicles to you faster than other import businesses.

Our Approach

We want to bring trust and convenience to importing Canadian used cars to dealerships in the United States. We are full service, handling everything that gets cars from Canada to your car lot. You can have faith in us to import vehicles the right way, complying with laws and regulations.

Who we serve

We import for small to large car dealerships in the United States. We bring the cars to you so you can turn more profits.

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Alpine Imports, LLC
11610 W McFarlane Rd
Airway Heights, WA 99001


What We Do

Additional services you might be interested in.

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US Transportation Services

Vehicles can be shipped to sities all over the US directly from our holding lot.

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Minor/major repairs, PDR work, tire/rim replacement and upgrades, suspension enhancements, body work, detailing, windshield repair/replacement and more.

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Turn Quick Profits

Our sales team can help get you bid offers on your vehicles for quick turn around.

Much faster than other import companies

“Alpine Imports provides a comprehensive service. I am a local dealer of used cars in Spokane and importing vehicles this easily has really helped my business grow. Highly recommend!”

Bill Smith
Lot Manager

About Us

Since 2019, Alpine Imports has been importing vehicles from Canada for dealerships across the Pacific Northwest.

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Our team has experience on the dealership side of the industry, and we understand the frustrations involved with importing used cars from Canada. The mission of our company is to provide full-service importation with end-to-end care so car dealers can spend more time selling.